Garage Maintenance


Garage Maintenance

Home ownership can be one of the best gifts that comes along with the American Dream. Most men have there two requests; a man den and a garage. Garages can be wonderful, in winter you have a warm car to get into and in summer you have a shady place to work on your car or other outdoor projects. However when the garage door fails to open or has other issues, who can you call?

Meridian Garage Door repair is the only phone call you will need to make. They have garage door repair that starts off at twenty nine dollars! Along with the unbeatable pricing, they have same day repair and excellent customer service. They are a home based, local family owned business. They have been in business since 1993!

They can sell you a new garage door or they can repair your current one. From sliders, to motors and doors they are the answer for all your garage needs. They are convenient, especially for emergency garage repair, because they are quick and efficient. Most of the time, they provide same day repair and can have your garage door up and running the same day that it breaks down! All the technicians have been employed at Meridian Garage Door repair since day one so they have huge amounts of experience and can repair almost anything!

Along with repair, the guys at Meridian Garage Door repair can also just maintain your garage door. They can oil it, clean it and keep it at optimal running. They have evolved with the times and have available even the most modern garage door set ups. They can install a more up to date garage door in your home. They pride themselves in being locally owned, competitively priced, speedy service in the Idaho area! Click on garage door repair meridian for more details.


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